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Saturday, January 14, 2017

What happen If You Burn 1000 Sparklers

Using sparklers and an open shutter, artist Gary Stubelick creates glowing panegyrics to light up the urban night. The Boston based creative director has been exploring the fine art of time and light for a few decades and creates incandescent odes to hot summer nights in the city with his interpretation of mundane features of the urban landscape .

The amount of energy released, which varies from element to element, is characterized by a particular wavelength of light. Higher energies correspond to shorter wavelength light, whose characteristic colors are located in the violet/blue region of the visible spectrum. Lower
 energies correspond to longer wavelength light, at the orange/red end of the spectrum.  

What happen If You Burn 1000 Sparklers

Fireworks generate three very noticeable forms of energy: a tremendous release of sound, bright light, and heat. The tremendous booms heard at ground level are the result of the rapid release of energy into the air, causing the air to expand faster than the speed of sound. This produces a shock wave, a sonic boom.
Fireworks are classified as both a low and a high explosive. The initial lift charge that sends the firework into the sky is a low explosive. The burning charge undergoes rapid decomposition, but not detonation. The firework can be thought of as flying through the air powered by a fast burning wick. Where the wick ends, it meets the high explosive components of the firework. In this second stage there is an instantaneous detonation producing both a loud explosion and a bright flash of color.