5 Best Vehicles for the Zombie Apocalypse - Try This If You Want To Lose Weight
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

5 Best Vehicles for the Zombie Apocalypse

5 Best Vehicles for the Zombie Apocalypse Nowadays, movies about virus turning people into zombies have become very popular and appear almost daily. I think, one out of three persons have seen "Resident Evil" or "The Walking Dead". We all somehow know what zombies are and what they eat. However, very few know what to do if one evening a couple of these cuties decide to pay a visit.
Calm down and keep watching! We know a surefire way to survive in this shituation. Now listen: the most important thing is to find an appropriate transport. And today we will show you a selection of the best vehicles to survive the zombie apocalypse. facts auto top 5 top 10
Honda Dream Solar Car

No, there isn't much practicality in a vehicle that will barely accommodate its driver, let alone any supplies or passengers. But hear us out. In the event of some cataclysm, do you want to place your bets on the creaking electrical grid staying up and running? And how long do you think it will be before the gas starts running out? In a world where conventional engines have no fuel to burn, the solar car shall be king, and the slowest solar car must be quicker than the fastest zombie. Right?

Volkswagen Microbus Yes, the venerable Microbus, or Kombi. Whatever you call it, it's a great way to ride through the end of the world in style. The Microbus won't lead you out of any chase unscathed, and even the late-1980s models had frightening handling. But the trusty old bus isn't without its charms or advantages. If you're handy with a skillet, for example, you could travel from ghost town to ghost town, becoming a roving food truck cooking hot meals for those with the ingredients (and tradable goods) but not the means. A man could live a good life that way. Not that we've daydreamed about that, of course.